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  • TMS-500 TopMap.jpg

TMS-500 TopMap

  • 品牌:POLYTEC
  • 型号:TMS-500
  • 发布时间:2015-08-05

信息来源: POLYTEC官网



The TMS-500 TopMap is a high-precision, non-contact topography measurement system designed for fast and efficient surface characterization of precision mechanical components.

Incorporating a traceably calibrated scanning white-light interferometer with large vertical measurement range, the TMS-500 precisely characterizes surfaces near steep edges such as drilled holes or on work pieces with large steps. Flatness and parallelism parameters, even for macroscopic samples, can be checked quickly and with excellent repeatability.

As is the case with all TopMap systems, the open software architecture allows routine tasks or customized user interfaces to be easily programmed.